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Museum Collections

The Museum’s collections boast over 500 works of art, both from Israel and throughout the world, alongside those of Ilana Goor herself. The Museum's works of art include: paintings, sculptures, video art, Ethnic Art, antiques, and drawings as well as design items mostly handpicked by Goor, who also serves as the collector and curator of the collections.

Ilana Goor acquired these works of art during her fifty years of travelling in Israel and abroad. Consequently, alongside contemporary works by young Israeli artists such as Lior Shtainer, Sigal Avni and Roi Pajursky, one can find established artists such as Menashe Kadishman, Ya'acov Dorchin and Uri Lifshitz.

Moreover, the collections are blessed with international artists such as Diego Giacometti, Olga Wolniak, Henry Moore and Joseph Albers. Third World art from Africa and South America is also a dominant theme in the Museum.

Ilana Goor as a collector has a clear preference for art endowed with a strong sense of self-expression as well as social and/or political awareness. The section of the collection, which expresses itself through abstract-conceptual means, is represented by the works of Pinchas Cohen-Gan and Joshua Neustein from the 70s.

Rational and experimental art is found in the works of artists such as Yaacov Agam, Soto and Osvaldo Romberg while essentially figurative art is discernible in the works of Yigal Tumarkin and Pesi Girsch.