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Ilana Goor

Ilana Goor is an individualistic, autodidactic, intuitive and multifaceted artist. As an artist who knows no boundaries and whose art transcends any conventions, her creations are a blend of vitality and obsession, functional simplicity alongside expressive complexity bordering on surrealism. Her sources of inspiration are neither time nor place-dependent. They create a personal statement, a journey replete with meaning and they succeed in touching and moving people the world over.

Goor was born in Tiberias to an educated and distinguished family of highly respected doctors and artists. She never studied art or design in any formal setting. She developed her artistic techniques on her own from an early age, when she used various parts to create small statues. She is considered to be an international multidisciplinary artist. Her works encompass sculptures, furniture, judaica, lighting fixtures, jewelry and fashion items which are displayed in well known galleries worldwide and are distinguished by their powerful, dominant presence.

She first came to the United States in her 20s and captured the hearts of the locals with her large-buckle belts for men which paved her artistic path in North America.  As a result, Goor has been able to launch her impressive talents and has dedicated her main efforts to industry. Goor's first one-woman exhibition was held in 1972 at the California Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles. Since then, her works of art have been exhibited in numerous museums both in Israel and abroad, e.g. the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Museum of 20th Century Art in Vienna, and more.

One of the high points in Goor's career in the field of design was in 1986 when she won the prestigious Peres Roscoe Design prize.  Her signature, which is identified in all her work  can also be seen in a number of locations in Israel, such as the moving sculpture "Never Again" which is on display at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and the "Woman in the Wind" sculpture that is close to the Charles Clore park in Tel Aviv.