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The Rooms

The Museum's rooms present a different world of artistic content however together they reflect one artistic, design and architectural statement which Ilana Goor herself spins. This statement is expressed in her sculptures, in the rare collection of international art and even in the antiquities that she has been collecting for years. The combination of hundreds of artworks created by various artists, from young through to veteran and recognized artists creates a surprising eclecticism the result of which is perfect harmony under one roof.

Central Space
The space presents monumental creations by Ilana Goor, together with artworks in various media by top Israeli artists such as Yaacov Agam, Yaakov Dorchin and Uri Lifshitz.

 Design Room
A room in which the borders between design and art are blurred; light fittings by Ingo Maurer and Ron Arad alongside an iconic chair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld and a new collection of furniture designed by Ilana Goor which are song of praise to iron.

 Monks' Room
A special room, in its center two original monks’ tables which serve as a surface for Goor’s work entitled “The Morning After”. The powerful work includes tens of sculptures which create a feeling of turmoil, however together they are rationalistically thought provoking on the subject of the cycle of life and death together with a profound social criticism.

The library is active and it offeres Hebrew and foreign literature on subjects of the Land of Israel, culture and art. This library is dedicated to the memory of Goor’s grandfather, Dr Yosef Sapir, who weaves through his life story and his work the story of the Jewish settlement.

Ethnic Art Collection
This space includes a rare collection of African items from various tribes which have almost never seen a white man. The items were collected by Ilana during her travels in the world over fifty years and some of them also have taken on a personal interpretation.

 Sculpture Room
This room is dedicated to miniatures by the best of the world’s artists such as Henry Moore and Diego Giacometti, whose sculptures are exhibited besides each other in perfect order. Above them, an amphorae (earthenware pots) ceiling in the form of a beehive which was discovered by Ilana Goor and exposed in all its glory.

Lattice Space
A space that was preserved from the original building which was dedicated in the 19th century as a peeping area for Muslim women. It has been preserved by Ilana Goor and it exhibits works with a conceptual connection to gender and labour defined in various cultures as feminine.

Upper Level Passage
The space is constructed as an internal balcony from which the Museum visitor is invited to observe a different type of landscape - a selection of contemporary Israeli artists together with works by veteran artists and statement makers in the field of art. From above a magnificent Islamic chandelier with verses from the Koran etched upon it and it diffuses a pleasing light thanks to its 72 blue tubes.

 Christian Room
A room containing an impressive and authentic collection of crucifixes and statuettes in various sizes together with holy relics, which constitute a kind of silent witness to the respect and admiration that the place expresses for the other religion.

Sculpture Garden
A magical garden witch combines nature with art and antiquated stones on the roof of the museum. The Mediterranean Sea and the Old City constitute a perfect backdrop for the huge works of sculpture placed in this unique garden.