A New Artistic Experience!
Art workshops and tours at the Ilana Goor Museum
The Ilana Goor Museum would like to invite the public to take part in an array of new tours in the museum and the surrounding area. Lovers of photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, design and history will be treated to a rich and educational experience lead by professional guides.

We're offering new tours and art workshops for our young guests and our mature ones alike, with new points of view on the museum's eclectic collection containing works from artists in Israel and around the world. For children we're offering magical experiences full of curiosity, discovery, enrichment and learning.
Come discover the magic that is Old Jaffa and the Ilana Goor Museum!

Portrait Party!

Technique: Paper folding into puppets

This tour is led by a tourguide and a talking puppet of Ilana Goor herself. Together we'll tour the museum and learn about the different portraits that decorate the walls of this 18th century building. We'll answer the questions: What is a portrait, when did portraiture begin and why? Between all the portraits we'll identity the portraits in which Ilana Goor herself is depicted.

After the tour we'll create paper hand- puppet self-portraits.

*The tour requires a minimum of 8 participants

Ages: 4-10
Timeframe: 1.5 hours
Price: 50 shekels per person

From Inspiration to Creation

Technique: Sandpaper print on fabric

What is inspiration? From what depths does it arise to the artist's mind? How is it actualized into creation?
Inspiration comes from images, emotions and visual memories. In this tour we will explore the museum's collection and investigate the inspiration of each individual artist and how they brought their inspiration to life through art.
We'll finish the tour with a creative activity where we will translate our personal inspiration into a work of art.

*The tour requires a minimum of 8 participants

Ages: 10 and up
Timeframe: 1.5 hours
Price: 50 shekel per person

To Walk in Your Shoes

Technique: Paper, glue and nylon

The tour will focus on the differences between the cultures, nations and faiths that coexist here in the museum's collection. In the workshop that follows the tour we will create shoes modeled on our own feet in order to raise the question:  what's the difference between you and I?

*The tour requires a minimum of 8 participants

Ages: 10 through high school
Timeframe: 1.5 hours
Price: 50 shekel per person

Photography Tour in Old Jaffa and the Museum

Technique: Photography

In this tour we'll explore the photographic works in the museum's collection. In the sculpture garden, we'll discuss the various shooting techniques available to photographers nowadays. We'll look at still life, the interplay of light and shadow, landscape and architecture. From the museum, we'll venture into the streets of Old Jaffa for some practical application.
There we can examine the street art, graffiti, sculptures, architecture and more, all through the lens of the camera. We'll finish up in the Jaffa port, with our cameras, as we capture the amazing view of Old Jaffa. 

*The tour requires a minimum of 7 participants
*Every participant will require his/her own camera (A smartphone, digital camera, or professional)

Ages: High school students and adults
Timeframe: 2.5 hours
Price: 100 shekels per person

Design and Architecture in Art

Technique: Model building and design with geometric shapes in paper and cardboard

The tour will focus on 18th century architecture of the museum and the various design pieces housed there. Over the course of the tour we will discuss the boundaries and connections between architecture, design and art.
After the tour we will choose motifs from the museum as inspiration and translate the realistic creations into abstract, geometrical ones. The exercise challenges creative thinking, and help see beyond the object's design/architecture.

*The tour requires a minimum of 8 participants

Ages: High school students and adults
Time frame: 1.5 hours
Price: 60 shekel per person

 The tours and workshops can be ordered in the following languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese