Welcome to the Ilana Goor Museum

For the first time in Israel, you have the opportunity to admire works of art from the point of view of the artist/collector rather than as exhibits in a sterile academic environment.
The Ilana Goor Museum is located in an 18th century building surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the shoreline of Tel Aviv and the Old Jaffa City. Fascinating historical events are ensconced within the Museum's walls dating back to 280 years ago, when the building served as the first Jewish Inn for pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. The Museum was restored based on its original building and boasts over 500 Israeli, international and Ethnic Art alongside Ilana Goor's creations. The Museum collections are blessed with artists such as Diego Giacometti, Henry Moore, Joseph Albers, Uri Lifshitz, Yigal Tumarkin, Pesi Girsch, Yaakov Dorchin and others.
Despite the Museum's eclectic nature, each room features creations from different places and times. Each work of art has a different background and a story all its own. The Museum's uniqueness lies in the unexpected contexts generated by each artist, both on the human and on the visual level. A visit to the Ilana Goor Museum in Tel Aviv, Israel is an adventure for the senses. 
The museum is run by a nonprofit organization with the goal of promoting art and young artists.

Living with Art

Ilana Goor claims that it is only if one touches, feels and uses art that one can understand what it really is. Rather than being exhibited in a "sacred" white space, the Museum's art is interlaced with life itself – an art form that is not out of reach, elitist and sterile, but rather easily accessible to the visitor.

One of the guidelines behind the planning and design of the Museum is the concept on which it has been founded, which combines art design and history, blurs the boundaries between different areas and implements the idea of art as part of life.


Celebrate the International Museum Selfie Day, on January 18th at 19:00,  by taking a selfie with the many magnificent creations of Ilana Goor Museum collections. On the special night we'll have a guided tour of  the museum (in Hebrew) and afterwards we'll warm up with some hot sangria. Tickets for the tour are 48 shekels. 

On 28.01.17 at 11:00 am, we'll start a series of events for children which combine reading a story followed by individual craft making. The activity suits ages 5-12 and will be held in Hebrew.

On January 24th, at 19:00, there will be a special meeting at the Ilana Goor Museum with the artist Sasha Galitsky, including a guided tour through the museum in Russian. Ticket fee - 65 NIS.

Ilana Goor Museum 2014